What To Do When You're Feeling Unclear

In this video, I talk about what to do when you’re feeling unclear, unsure and just a bit foggy about what it is you’re doing and where you’re going. 

That feeling when you’re not exactly sure what your next step will be. 

It happens a lot. It happens with me so I have some ( a lot!) of experience with this. 

I see so many women entrepreneurs feel that they need a whole plan mapped out and answered as to what, who, how, when? Of course, this is often very useful if you’re creating a marketing strategy, if you’re wanting to achieve a certain goal but sometimes, we’re not totally clear on what our ultimate goal is or what our next step is.

We long to be clear and have it all mapped out, all planned out so we can just follow the steps but more than often, we’re not totally clear on what it is we’re doing, where we’re going, how we’re going to do it. Sometimes we know where we’re wanting to go but again, we’re not totally sure of how we’re going to get there.

What ultimately happens when we feel this way is that we end up feeling lost, unclear and stuck which then results in us feeling not good enough, not capable enough…just not enough. 

But what if, instead of feeling frustrated by this stuck and lost place, this feeling of feeling like you’re wandering aimlessly in the fog, what if you embrace the fog?

What if your only aim was to keep on moving through the fog? Not entirely sure of where you’ll come out, of what it’ll look like on the other end but knowing that the only way through the fog is to just keep on walking, keep on stepping , keep on moving. 

I have been in a place where I felt so lost, so stuck for such a long time and so frustrated, so low on self esteem. It was only when I got to a point of not knowing exactly where I was going but moving ahead in a direction I was pretty sure I was wanting to go, that things started to fall into place.

I had no clear plan, no clear vision but I had an idea of what it was I was wanting to do and I did whatever I could to move towards that idea. Unclear, unsure, foggy but moving ahead regardless…embracing the fog.

"The only way to know if something works is to try it. If it's stuck in your head, you'll never know." 

I speak more about my own experience in the video above and how sometimes the only way through the fog is to embrace it and just keep on walking forward, one small step at a time.

Is there something you might not be moving forward with, because you’re waiting to have it all perfectly planned out? 

Is there something you’re wanting to put out into the world but you’re not because you don’t know if it’ll work?

Can you challenge yourself to do it anyway?

Imperfectly, incomplete, unclear…can you embrace the fog?

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