This is probably one of my most vulnerable posts. I’ve been trying to work out why.

I think because in some way it feels confronting which feels uncomfortable for me. I think it also comes from a very wounded and raw place for me and feels very exposing.

But this is part of my healing journey as the woman I am. This is part of my commitment to stepping into the full expression of who I was born to be because I know what lies on the other side of this…

Probably a vulnerability hangover 😂 but also a part of me, my voice, my heart, my soul expressed into the world. And that is part of my path to reclaiming myself, to reclaiming my voice, to reclaiming my divine feminine and masculine. For only when we’ve reclaimed them, can we find true peace and power. 

Stepping into the full expression of who I was born to be is where I find my power and this is the only kind of power that interests me. The power of coming back to self. 

The power of returning home. 

This is my journey…

The Reclaiming

Fuck you patriarchy

Fuck you for calling us emotional for expressing our feelings 

For calling us hysterical when those feelings, having been supressed for so long, come cascading out of us.

For taking away our right to vote when we gave you life and birthed you into this world.

Fuck you for burning us because our power to heal in this world scares you

For shaming us because our intuitive wisdom threatens you

For sexualising us because our inner strength is too much for you

For ridiculing us because your fragile egos feel challenged by our presence in this world

For making us conform to your values of what power means because the power that we inherently have within is beyond your understanding.

For dividing us because our strength in community frightens and overpowers you

For disconnecting us from our true selves, from our callings, from our desires, from our dreams , from our souls because the idea of there being something beyond what you see in front of you and the lack of control over that is too much for you to contemplate.


Fuck you and thank you.


Because now we know what doesn’t work.

Because now we know who we haven’t been.

Because now we know what work we need to do.

Because now we know what we’ve lost.

Because now we know what we can reclaim.

Because now we know the power that we have within.


Because now we know. And we make a change . In ourselves and in the world.


And you are invited to join us. 


You are invited to feel, to dance, to embrace, to commune, to intuit, to trust, to believe.

You are invited to open your heart to a new way of being, a way that has always been present in you but has also been suppressed, shut down, shamed, ridiculed.

You are invited to embrace the divine feminine within, to reclaim her into your life, to acknowledge her and accept her.

So we too will invite our divine feminine with our divine masculine and we will walk through this life together. In harmony. In sync. In respect. In union.


Can you imagine it? How beautiful that could be?


I’m inviting you to join because we’d love to have you there but only if you’re willing to do it together. Side by side. 

Because with or without you we’re doing it anyway. We’re reclaiming what you’ve taken away, we’re transforming what you’ve had us believe, we’re changing the landscape of how we do things around here. 

We’re reclaiming our power, our emotions, our souls, our dreams, our desires, our longings, our sexuality, our pleasures, our hearts, our femininity, our goddesses. 

We’re reclaiming our divine feminine energy and we’re creating a new world where there is an abundance of wealth and love and openness for all. 

We’re taking off our shields, taking off our armour. We’re not here to fight you but we will if we have to without your armour and shields because we fight with our hearts wide open and our souls burning fiercely.

If we have to, we’ll be the fucking lion that protects her cubs from the prey. We’ll be what you fear so deeply in us. We’ll be who we are.


Powerful fucking women. 


Heart open, soul centred , intuitive, wise, strong, soft, gentle, courageous, feeling woman.


The invitation is open to join us. 


Either way, we’re reclaiming ourselves. 


Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

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